Zeus Guys are sub-species of Bandits that appear in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. They attack Yoshi and Baby Mario by throwing balls of energy at them, and they can also kick and punch him if Yoshi ever gets too close to them. Yoshi cannot Swallow them, but jumping or throwing an egg can stun them for a bit of a time. They can only be defeated by using a Super Red Watermelon, Special Blue Watermelon, or by using a POW Block. They can be commonly found in groups of two. Unlike Bandits, they cannot steal Baby Mario. Zeus Guys don't appear in Yoshi's Island DS but there is a Snifit called Zeus Guy (Snifit) that blows fire. However original Zeus Guy returned in Yoshi's New Island.

170px-SMW2 YI Zeus Guy

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