Yoshi Species - Group Artwork - Yoshi's Island DS

The Yoshi Clan, with every colour except for Brown Yoshi.

Yoshis are cute, playful and smart species that appear in many games in the Mario series. They are very friendly and are willing to help anyone, no matter how big or small the problem is. There are eleven known colours. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Pink, Purple, White, Black and Brown.


Super Mario WorldEdit

Thank You Message - Super Mario World

Yoshis make their very first appearance in Super Mario World. Here, each have a different power as for, Red Yoshis being able to shoot fireballs, Blue Yoshis being able to fly when it has a Koopa Shell in it's mouth, and Yellow Yoshis being able to Ground Pound. Here they live in Yoshi's Island and the Koopalings and Bowser stole eggs. At the end of the game the Yoshis have a big thank you party for Mario and his friends.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's IslandEdit

Yoshi's Island - Promotional

In the game of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, that is set very long ago, the Yoshis have to save Baby Luigi and bring Baby Mario to him. This game has all new Yoshis and all new enemies too, along with the return of Shy Guys that have not returned from Super Mario Bros. 2. Here they also bring out a new enemy, Kamek, and Baby Bowser. In the game the Yoshis face lots of enemies and allies, they fought overgrown bosses that Kamek put a spell on them, and they fought Baby Bowser. Then the final battle started when Kamek put a spell on him. After the battle the Yoshis won and brought peace again to the Island.

Yoshi's Island DSEdit

In Yoshi's Island DS, the Yoshis found out that Bowser and Kamek have traveled back in time to kidnap seven Star Children in order to use the energy within their bodies to let Bowser take over the world. They wanted to save them, so they had an adventure to save them. Here, a few new enemies make their appearance and there were new bosses, too. The Yoshis met Baby Peach, Baby Donkey Kong, and also Baby Wario. The Yoshis, when they get to Bowser's Castle, fight Baby Bowser, Bowser, and then, similar to in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, they fight Huge Bowser. Four of the Yoshis fight him together and save the Star Children. They find out that Baby Yoshi was one.

Yoshi's StoryEdit

In Yoshi's Story, Baby Bowser gets so angry of losing that he puts a spell on all the Yoshis. This spell does not affect six Baby Yoshis, who are still in their eggs, and so the Yoshis tried to stop Baby Bowser. Baby Bowser also put a spell on the Island

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that turned it into a book. Once the Yoshis face Baby Bowser, they have a battle with him, and later save the Island. Here, there are two new Yoshis, Black Yoshi, which can eat anything, and White Yoshi, which can also have the same as Black Yoshi but he can run faster.

Yoshi Touch & GoEdit

In this game the Yoshis have to save Baby Luigi once again, and with help from the Stork, they help get Baby Mario to his brother. Here, enemies return and as the name of the game says, the player has to use the stylus in most of the game.

Mario Kart series Edit

Yoshi appears as a playable character in every single Mario Kart game. In Mario Kart 8, DLC allows for nine different playable colors of Yoshi.


Yoshis have appeared in other games as well, and they help Mario with anything in most games. In one game, the Yoshis help Mario by being partners to him. In some games, they are just minor characters, or background characters. They sometimes even play in sports.They also make roles in Paper Mario games, except Super Paper Mario, in that game they only make a very small appearance on one of the catch cards in the game.

Some Information About Yoshis. Edit

Did you know that in Super Mario World 2, the used plural for Yoshi is Yoshies, but in most games after, a group of Yoshi is just Yoshi or Yoshis.

Did you know that Brown Yoshi has apparently not appeared in any Mario games for 19 years!? One reason is that Orange Yoshi is his replacement but it is also rumored that Brown Yoshi was meant to be an Orange Yoshi but the graphics weren't clear enough to see the color.

Did you know that Yoshi was meant to be a tame Koopa? That would mean that instead of Mario riding a Dinosaur, he would be riding on a Koopa's back! It may sound weird now but back then it was a good idea, but they decided to change it to a Dinosaur because it worked better with Mario's sprite. Good idea! Without that change, we probably wouldn't have Yoshi!