Hello! It's Happy65. I am making a project called Yoshi Contest and this is the first episode. This will go on for a long time (probably until I quit the wiki).

We want you to vote in the Yoshi Contest! This week we are doing a vote for a new yoshi color.


If you are a fan of the Yoshi Contest series, show your support by using a userbox on your userpage. The Yoshi Contest support userbox is Template:YoshiContestFan, the comma does not count as part of it. You can put the userbox on your page by typing {{YoshiContestFan}} . It should look like this when you place it on your userpage:
YoshiYellow-CSS2-MSS This user is a fan of the Yoshi Contest!

Voting Instructions

Vote in the comments section. You can vote for any Yoshi color that does not currently exist, you cannot vote after 24/05/2012 but you can still comment. The votes will be added up and the results will be put in a blog that will be made after the deadline.

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