"We need a new plan!" "How about eating pie"

CHAPTER 1 The Forbidden Egg

In Yoshi's Island there used to be a very peaceful time with all Yoshies play together as a family. But there were evil people that wanted to ruin their fun So General Guy and his troops did a plan to stop them "Ok we need to think something big"said General Guy."Something as big as a Skybuilding" "Oh i got it!" he said evil like "We should steal Baby Mario!" One Shy Guy said "But didn't Kamek do that just a year ago" "Dang it your are right" General Guy said sadly One Shy Guy came up holding a very back Yoshi Egg but bumped into a Fat Guy. "EKKK" he said "What's this I DEMAND A ANSWER" said General Guy "Umm General it is a Yoshi Egg to be exact,a very Black one"said the Shy Guy Well soon a Yoshi crawled out of it. "What a Yoshi!" "Your fired Bob!" said General Guy Then Chaos was starting to form. "AHHH MY MOMMY"said one Shy Guy "I NEED A NEW BALLOON"said one no this is for blogs When you knew it all the Shy Guys were gone and the Chaos Yoshi started heading towards it's next target Yoshi's Island!

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