Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt - Poochy
Yoshi jumps over Poochy.
Level no. 1 - 1
Facts The first level in the game.
Games Yoshi's Story
First appearance Yoshi's Story (1997)
Latest appearance

Treasure Hunt is the first level in Yoshi's Story. It's also the easiest level for the Yoshis to find all thirty melons and collect all the heart coins. Surprise!! comes after this level.



Level 1-1

As this level is the very first in the game, it is rathermore a tutorial level than an actual level. Basic enemies such as Shy Guys appear in this level. They pounce out of bushes by surprise to attack the Yoshis. There are also Pak E. Derms as enemies, blocking the Yoshis' path in the level. They can be simply Ground Pounded to be defeated and will let the Yoshi through.

Poochy also appears in the level, helping the Yoshis find Melons. To set him free by breaking the chains, you must stand on the post and ground pound it twice. It is also one of the simple levels to collect all the heart coins and the red smiley hearts.


And so the adventure began, the Yoshis set out to find the Super Happy Tree. Poochy the dog helped out. Not even elephants could stop the Yoshis. So far, so good, if they could stay happy, the tree would be saved.

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