250px-200px-Super mario sunshine
Yoshi in mariosunshine5

Green Yoshi in the beta version of Super Mario Sunshine.

Super Mario Sunshine is a Mario series video game developed for the Nintendo GameCube in 2002. Mario, Peach and Toadsworth go on vacation but some events happen. A Mario Imposter paints graffiti all over Delfino Plaza and all over the Islands and leaves Mario with the trouble. Mario then finds a Water Pump named F.L.U.U.D desigined by Professor E. Gadd. After getting around 30 stars, the Mario Imposter, better known as Shadow Mario, appears holding a Yoshi Egg. After the player beats him, you can ride on Yoshi, although Yoshi cannot swim and will disintegrate if he comes in contact with water. If Yoshi goes into a body of water, he will disappear. This is the first appearance of both Bowser Jr. and Petey Piranha in the Mario series.

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  • A Green Yoshi was supposed to appear in the game, but was scrapped.
    SMS OrangeYoshi

    Mario riding on Yoshi.

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