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This page is non-canon, meaning that it might not be related to the Yoshi universe.
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Dragon Yoshi

This is Super Dragon.

Super Dragon is Yoshi's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is an transformation when Yoshi can grow wings. It lasts about 20 seconds.


Yoshi will start to breath a continuous stream of fire which causes very heavy damage (up to 66%). In addition, he can shoot fireballs, that do about 17% damage each, by pressing either the neutral attack button or the special attack button.

Although it isn't renowned for being one of the deadliest Final Smashes, it can be devastating if used properly. 66% in one fire breath can usually lead to a KO with a fireball if all the flames hit, although with the opponent desperately trying to avoid the flames and Yoshi's slightly bumpy movement, this can sometimes be difficult. Another tactic is due to the speed of the fireballs, Yoshi can juggle his opponents until they fly past the Blast line for a KO.


This move is based on the various powers that Yoshi could get in Super Mario World by holding certain types of Koopa shells in his mouth, or being a different Yoshi color. Eating a blue shell allowed Yoshi to fly, eating a red shell allowed him to spit fireballs, eating a yellow shell caused him to make mini-earthquakes each time he landed, and eating a flashing shell caused Yoshi to do all three, similar to Super Dragon, but once he spat fire he would revert to normal. The mini-earthquakes are not present in Brawl and Yoshi can breathe fire as many times as he wishes. However, the color scheme of Yoshi in Brawl does not affect the attack in any way.

The name comes from Super Mario World as well. In the Japanese version, if the information block at Yoshi's House is hit without Yoshi, it will have a message signed by "Super Dragon Yoshi" at the bottom. This signature was replaced with simply "Yoshi" and a paw print in the English version. Super Mario Advance 2 also contains a message from "Super Dragon Yoshi" at the end of the game; this time the name was kept in the English version as well.

Trophy DescriptionEdit

Yoshi's Final Smash. Yoshi with wings on his back that give him the power to fly freely across the sky. In this state, he can spew giant fireballs. He is more mobile and powerful, but the inertia makes movement quirky, so it takes some skill to master flight. Yoshi returns to a normal state after a set period of time has passed.

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