Roy Koopa Super Mario Wii
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Roy is one of the seven of Bowser's Koopalings. He is the third oldest, but in the cartoons he is the oldest.


Super Mario WorldEdit

In Super Mario World, he is battled by jumping on his head three times, like the rest of the Koopalings. He wall jumps in that battle. He is blue instead of pink in this game. He is the boss of Forest of Illusion.

Yoshi's SafariEdit

In Yoshi's Safari, he is seen in a blimp with six cannons and the blimp has angry eyes. He can also do a big Ground Pound that can stun people.
File:160px-RoyKoopa2 SMB3.png

Roy in his Blimp



  • He is pink, possibly because some people say that 'Pink is a manly color'.
  • In the cartoons, he is called "Bully Koopa", and he acts like one too.

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