Poochy and Nippy
YS PoochyandNippy
Blue Yoshi with Shy Guys in earmuffs
Level no. 3 - 3
Facts Snowflakes fall in one of the areas when Yoshi eats the Heart Fruit.
Games Yoshi's Story
First appearance Yoshi's Story (1997)
Latest appearance

Poochy and Nippy is a level in the game Yoshi's Story. Cloudjin is the boss in this level. This is also the first level to have snow and where Poochy the dog helps the Yoshi's. In one of these areas, if Yoshi eats the heart fruit, the snow falls endlessly. Frustration is the next level.


The air was nippy in the winter wonderland, and the cold Yoshis got lost. Trudging through the snow, they stumbled upon cold-hearted Cloudjin. Shivering from the cold, not from fear, the Yoshis defeated him.

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