Moltz the Very Goonie
Moltz Sprite Ani - Yoshi's Island DS
The sprite animation of Moltz from Yoshi's Island DS.
Abilities Sending out Rocket Guys, firing feather projectiles
Species Goonie
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Affiliation(s) Koopa Troop
Enemies Yoshis
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Notable member(s) {{{notable}}}
Games Yoshi's Island DS
First appearance Yoshi's Island DS (2006)
Latest appearance

Moltz the Very Goonie is a gigantic Very Goonie and the possible leader of the Goonie species. It appears in the Yoshi series.


Yoshi's Island DSEdit

Moltz first appears in Yoshi's Island DS as the boss of the fifth world's fourth area, The Fort of Moltz the Very Goonie.

In the events of the game, Moltz can be found at the end of the fortress where Kamek can be seen using his magic power on something later seen to be Moltz. Once battle starts, Moltz and Yellow Yoshi fall off the clouds and continue going downwards. Yoshi must watch out for him as a baby will fall off him if happening successfully. Yoshi must then find a good time to Flutter Jump upwards to Ground Pound on Moltz's head, making him fall downwards.

However, Moltz flies back to Yellow Yoshi and a baby seeking out revenge by sending out Rocket Guys to try attacking Yellow Yoshi. After he is ground pounded on, he sends out Rocket Guys to attack once more. Then, he develops a new tactic; sending out feather projectiles to injure Yoshi. Another Ground Pound defeats Moltz, making Yoshi and a baby falling onto the ground and also allowing them to move onwards to The Cave That Never Ends.


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