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Ludwig Von Koopa is one of the seven of Bowser's Koopalings. He the oldest of all of them. He used to be Bowser's second in command, until Bowser Jr. showed up. Ludwig has dark magic, like his father.

Super Mario WorldEdit

In the game Super Mario World, he gets revenge on Mario, and in his boss battle he can: shoot fireballs, jump very high and spin his shell around. Like his siblings, he was beaten by Mario. He is the boss of Twin Bridges. He is yellow in this game.

Yoshi's SafariEdit

In the game Yoshi's Safari, he is seen battled in a large robot, with four legs, a spiked shell, and two cannons attached to its head. After his robot explodes, the pieces salvage themselves together to form a fighter style mech that has fists and flies off to attack Mario and Yoshi. After this robot is beaten, Ludwig is defeated.

He has one fang in the middle of his mouth.

New Super Mario Bros UEdit

In New Super Maro Bros U, Ludwig Von Koopa is a boss in his air castle behind the clouds. He uses its magic to make a triplet of itself, he also can jump very high


  • In the cartoon his name is Kooky Von Koopa.
  • He can Flutter Jump like Yoshis.
  • His name and his hair is based on Ludwig Van Beethoven, as he also likes to play 'Koopa Symphonies'.
  •  Ludwig is set to appear in Mario Kart 8


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