King Bowser's Castle is the final level for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and it's Gameboy Advance Version.


In the beginning, there's a Helicopter morphing bubble. After morphing to a Helicopter, Kamek finds Yoshi to attack him. Only Skeleton Goonies are the enemies. Also spitting out is the Flightless Skeleton Goonie that is also a enemy for this place.


There're four doors to a room. There're even a eggplant. Hitting one could get you in there.

Room 1Edit

This room had a Winged Cloud which gives you a 1-up.

Room 2Edit

Room 2 is a place with many kinds of Shy Guys. There is also Salvo the Slime as the boss of the room.

Room 3Edit

Room 3 had Tap-Tap the Golden as the boss of the room. You cannot defeat him. There's a Eggplant in the beginning. There're Fangs that they're the only enemies in this room.

Room 4=Edit

Room 4 is the easiest room. It has many coins, and also it only have Gusties and Two Fly Guys that are holding a 1-up are the only enemy in the game. It's similar to Tap-Tap the Red Nose's Fort.

Baby Bowser's RoomEdit

In the beginning, Kamek came back. Kamek could change the blocks to a Shy Guy, Fang, Milde, and a Star which is helpful.