Green Yoshi
Floating Baby Mario amd yoshi
Green Yoshi's artwork in Yoshi's New Island
Abilities Tongue extensions
Species Yoshi
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Affiliation(s) Good
Enemies baby Bowser
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Games Super Mario 64
First appearance Super Mario World
Latest appearance Yoshi's Woolly World. (2015)
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"Thank you!"
- Green Yoshi, Mario Party 10

Green Yoshi is the most common type of Yoshi. When people refer to Yoshi, they usually are referring to the Green Yoshi. Most people believe that green Yoshis are the leaders of their kind. A Green Yoshi is one of the most common Yoshi seen in games, every game that features a playable or NPC Yoshi has a Green Yoshi in it. Their favorite fruit is the watermelon and by the years, their shoe color changed from red to orange.

Words the Green Yoshi occasionally saysEdit

  • "Hello"
  • "Hop"
  • "Jump"
  • "Sitting"
  • "Smash"
  • "Whack"
  • "Yes"