YS Blurp
A Blurp's artwork from Yoshi's Story.
Abilities Swimming
Species Blurp
Affiliation(s) Koopa Troop
Enemies Yoshi
Subspecies Big Blurp, Big Blue Blurp
Notable member(s) None
Games Super Mario World, Yoshi's Story
First appearance Super Mario World (1991)
Latest appearance Yoshi's Story (1995)

Blurps are fish enemies in the Yoshi series. They are related to Cheep-Cheeps.


Yoshi's StoryEdit

Blurps make their only Yoshi series appearance in Yoshi's Story. They appear in Lots O' Fish! and Lots O' Jellyfish!. Some swim back and forth, while others swim seemingly endlessly in a straight line. These can be annoying to Yoshi, as sometimes the straight-swimming Blurps can block his path an a narrow waterway. They are easy to defeat, as Yoshi can eat them without problem.

Two subspecies of Blurps appear in Yoshi's Story, Big Blue Blurps and Big Blurps.

Super Princess PeachEdit

Only small Blurps appear in this game. They roam in the watery parts of Vibe Island. Red and white ones call Cheep-Cheeps swim the water's surface while green Blurps swim under the sea.

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