A Black Yoshi is a black alternate coloration of Yoshi that has special abilities similar to the White Yoshi. They wear white boots.


Yoshi's StoryEdit

His first appearance is in Yoshi's Story. He likes all fruits, peppers, and black Shy Guys. His white shoes stay for every other appearance.

Yoshi Touch & Go Edit

Black Yoshi can hold up to 50 eggs in this game.

Yoshi's Island DSEdit

He is playable along with White Yoshi in the secret levels in Yoshi's Island DS.

Mario Tennis Open Edit

Black Yoshi appears in this game as a QR downloadable character. His skill is All-Around, like Mario and Luigi.

Black Yoshi LevelsEdit

Black Yoshi is a special Yoshi because all of his levels have to be unlocked. They are all secret levels.

World 1: Welcome To Yoshi Tower!

World 2: Yikes! Boiling Hot!

World 3: A Light In The Dark

World 4:Hurry And Throw!

World 5: Yoshi's Island Easter Eggs





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