Abilities Can spit out eggs.
Species Birdo
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Affiliation(s) Yoshi, 8-Bit Club
Enemies Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad
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First appearance Super Mario Bros. 2
Latest appearance Mario Party 9

Birdo is a dinosaur who first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2. In the instruction manual of the US version of the Super Mario Bros. 2 case, it is said that Birdo is actually a male who thinks "he" is a female. Birdo is always seen wearing a pink bow and a diamond ring on her left hand. She also wishes to be called Birdetta. Many fans have tried to uncover the mystery of Birdo's gender, maybe his/her gender is unknown.


Birdo has a relationship with Yoshi, as seen in many Mario sports games. They are paired up in Mario Kart: Double Dash, Mario Tennis, and many other games.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Birdo is a little dinosaur who looks similar to Yoshi, but is a bit smaller and shorter. First of all, Birdo has a magenta fur. She has small but pointed claws on her hands and feet. She has a big head with purple prints on her cheeks. She has a trumpet-like mouth. She has big purple eyes with three long and small eyelashes. On her back has three red spikes. On her head has no hair and instead has a big red bow. She has a white rounded belly and finally she has padded feet.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!Edit

Birdo is playable in the GameCube game Mario Kart: Double Dash!! as a medium-sized character. She is best paired up with Yoshi, and her signature kart is the Turbo Birdo, which can be unlocked by beating the 150cc Flower Cup.

120px-Normal yoshibirdo

Birdo seen alongside Yoshi in Mario Kart: Double Dash.