Bessie Bass
Bessie Bass Sprite - Yoshi's Island DS
Bessie Bass' sprite from Yoshi's Island DS.
Abilities Hopping out of the water, swimming
Species Boss Bass (or Big Bertha)
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Affiliation(s) Koopa Troop
Enemies Yoshis, Star Children
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Games Yoshi's Island DS
First appearance Yoshi's Island DS (2006)
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Bessie Bass is a species of Boss Bass (or Big Bertha, the female counterpart) and a boss found in the Yoshi series.


Yoshi's Island DSEdit

Bessie Bass first appears in Yoshi's Island DS as the third boss in the game. It appears in the level Bessie Bass's Battleship.

When Yellow Yoshi first encounters Bessie Bass, she is seen to be a tad-bit bigger than Yellow Yoshi. Then, Kamek comes in and uses his magic to grow Bessie Bass to a gigantic size.

Once they start battling, Yellow Yoshi has to jump from platform to platform while attempting to avoid Bessie Bass. In the process, Bessie Bass attempts to crush Yellow Yoshi by leaping out of the water or by simply swimming and to attempt to have one of the Star Children lost. Yellow Yoshi must run to dodge this attack. For Yellow Yoshi to attack back, he must swallow in a Tube Guy (or wait for falling eggs) and heave the egg into Bessie Bass's mouth. This only works once Bessie Bass tries to swallow Yellow Yoshi via jumping. This process must be done three times in order for Bessie Bass to be defeated.


  • It is unclear if Bessie Bass is a Boss Bass or a Big Bertha as the segment of the name says "Bass" and it is said that she is a female (Boss Basses are only females, whilst Big Berthas are only females). Boss Bass and Big Bertha are also male/female counterparts to one another.
    • To make it even more unclear, she has behaviour like a Boss Bass (only males) and not Big Berthas (who spew out its young). The reason is Boss Basses jump out of water.